Join us Saturday, September 7th at 4:00 pm for a Group Discussion with DR. PAULETTE SINGLEY and JOSHUA G. STEIN. Both authors will be signing their respective books after the discussion.



How to Read Architecture: An Introduction to Interpreting the Built Environment

by Paulette Singley

How to Read Architecture is based on the fundamental premise that reading and interpreting architecture is something we already do, and that close observation matters. This book enhances this skill so that given an unfamiliar building, you will have the tools to understand it and to be inspired by it. Author Paulette Singley encourages you to misread, closely read, conventionally read, and unconventionally read architecture to stimulate your creative process.

This book explores three essential ways to help you understand architecture: reading a building from the outside-in, from the inside-out, and from the position of out-and-out, or formal, architecture. This book erodes boundaries between the frequently compartmentalized fields of interior design, landscape design, and building design with chapters exploring concepts of terroir, scenography, criticality, atmosphere, tectonics, inhabitation, type, form, and enclosure. Using examples and case studies that span a wide range of historical and global precedents, Singley addresses the complex interaction among the ways a building engages its context, addresses its performative exigencies, and operates as an autonomous aesthetic object.

Including over 300 images, this book is an essential read for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of architecture with a global focus on the interpretation of buildings in their context.


Trajan's Hollow

by Joshua G. Stein

This publication documents Trajan’s Hollow, a transformative reproduction of Trajan’s Column in Rome, to address issues of critical importance in contemporary architectural practice: a reconsideration of architectural poché (both programmatic and material), the use of scale shift as a tool for transforming shape and content, and the role of subversive reconstruction in an era of digital scanning and replication. The publication offers an alternative model for the close reading of historical artifacts through an analysis of Trajan’s Column and its material progeny, including the casts and copies of the column produced over 2,000 years and contemporary reconstructions of the column executed by the author while in residence at the American Academy in Rome.


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By Joshua G. Stein, Michael J. Waters (Contribution by), David Gissen (Contribution by)
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