Inheriting Agile: The IT Practitioner's Guide to Managing Software Development in a Post-Agile World (Paperback)

Inheriting Agile: The IT Practitioner's Guide to Managing Software Development in a Post-Agile World By Rob Lineberger Cover Image
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With this revolutionary new guide to project management, shift your software development failures into success.

Here's a startling fact: Over 60% of software projects fail. We often blame budget, scope, or communication problems between stakeholders. But the real reason might surprise you. It's time to reveal the deep-rooted misconceptions in IT project management and to expose the historical lie preventing your team from delivering quality software.

Agile methodology expert Rob Lineberger brings over two decades of expertise to shatter illusions around agile and to guide you through the adaptive approaches necessary for success in today's software development landscape. Lineberger's transformative Blur Box model challenges the predictive approach that has been internalized as the best practice by the IT industry, replacing guesswork with a visual, adaptive strategy. In this enlightening guide, you will learn actionable tactics to confidently navigate complex iterative projects, sidestepping costly agile failures.

Enjoy the ride as you discover:

  • The untold history that has shackled software development to a cycle of failure.
  • The revolutionary Blur Box model that visualizes the agile process for all stakeholders in a clear and groundbreaking way.
  • Strategies to overcome the inertia of outdated practices and to embrace adaptability.
  • The agile circus escape practices, 12 actionable tactics to steer clear of common pitfalls and to reshape your organizational culture.
  • A cultural shift in IT management, fostering an environment where agility and continual learning reign supreme.

Inheriting Agile is not just another IT management book; it's an insightful journey into the heart of software development methodologies, where adaptability triumphs over prediction. Empower yourself with the tools and insights necessary to advocate for change in your organization, offering a clear path to increased project success and professional fulfillment.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798989149605
Publisher: Sandprint Press
Publication Date: April 25th, 2024
Pages: 370
Language: English