Kinnakeet Adventure (Paperback)

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In 1930, Stanley Green left the confines of North Carolina's Piedmont with its tree covered rolling hills to head to an unknown land. Avon, on the rugged Cape Hatteras coast, had sent for him to be the principal and high school teacher to their teen age students. With no idea what to expect, he set out to find Avon, but instead he discovered Kinnakeet, the original name for the village, where the girls were indescribably beautiful and the boys were strong willed and aggressive. Instead of becoming the challenging taskmaster who would fight the students of Kinnakeet, he joined with them, to educate the youth of the coast.
For twelve years Stanley would teach Kinnakeet's teens. He fought for them, instead of against them, earning a sense of trust and respect among the Kinnakeeters, young and old. He would face the struggles and obstacles that only people on the coast could know, from hurricanes and nor'easters, to seeing his school destroyed, only to be built anew.
Stanley would bond with the locals as he listened to their stories, documenting their lives with respect for the hardships they all faced. He captures the history of Kinnakeet and the coast of the Outer Banks by writing down and retelling the oral histories told to him while he was there. Ultimately, Stanley Green would become an important figure to the village, and earn the title of Kinnakeeter for himself.
Kinnakeet Adventure tells Stanley's story of the twelve years he served as a teacher and principal, from the first moments of him leaving college at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, through all the battles he had to educate the students of Kinnakeet. Stanley would learn to face the sometimes difficult and rugged lifestyle of a Kinnakeeter while he taught. He would build an educational system he and the rest of Avon could be proud of. Stanley would teach into the beginnings of World War II on the coast of North Carolina, when he finally left his career to become a Coast Guardsman, only to end up protecting the same village he loved. This book was originally written by Stanley Green in 1971, with the current print published by a distant descendant of his. This version includes several appendixes by Joe Sledge, who is a vague great-great-nephew of Stanley's, as well as an author of several North Carolina books.
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ISBN: 9798988017103
Publisher: Gravity Well Books
Publication Date: March 15th, 2023
Pages: 342
Language: English