Don't Neglect Islam, Truth Unveils Revelation & Final Religion (Paperback)

Don't Neglect Islam, Truth Unveils Revelation & Final Religion By Mohd Mursalin Saad Cover Image
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Searching for the truth, becomes confusing, when every person you meet said: that his religion is the truth, Here is an Islamic book with lots of questions and answers to start your discoveries about Islam, the why Islam. and the search for the true God and religion.

What's in this book

To write this book is like sewing fragments of broken parts to portray a holistic picture of Islam, and to clear doubts against Islam and to install a foundation of this beautiful religion chosen by the Creator who knows and created everything in perfect harmony. God knows whatever is best for us and bestowed upon us a system of life in accordance with human nature. God gave us a life of purpose, destiny on the day of resurrection, and when every man stands in front of his Lord and accountable for his actions in this worldly life. The author tries to answer doubts about Islam to Muslims and reverts. He has taken questions and answers approach to create interactivity; however, the questions and answers may someday need updates because who knows in the future more questions come to surface, and there should be somebody to answer the issues regarding Islam and Muslims.

By reading this handy book, may prepare yourself to help new Muslims to embrace truth about Islam. A small deed that you do in this world, will be shown in the day of judgement as the best memories of your life.

Content of this Muslim and Reverts Series

1- The wisdom of creations

2- The chosen lifestyle

3- Is there other choice besides Islam

4-What is unique about Islam

5- What happen to the nomads

6- Why Islam able to transforms man

7- The pillars of Islam

8- What's the message

9- Worship in Islam

10-The revelation

11- What's the content in the Qur'an

12- How do I implement Islam in my life?

13- Reason to embrace Islam

14- How to declare Shahada

15- How to know about Islam

16-Haven't you heard the last sermon

17- Thermology used in this book

18-Last words from the Author

A word from the author of the Muslims and Revert Series

"Dear friends, it has been an exhausting route to find salvation, with lots of hurdles and challenges. Life is like that, the first step is always the toughest, and the confusion that you have gone through. Your mind becomes a hoard of information and the society and people around you seem to drag to a point of no return. The choice to find truth for the only one religion approved by God is not an easy voyage. If you read through till the end of this book, it is like half of your question answered but still the last moment is to declare your shahada to proof your faith to the true and only God Allah SWT. From now onwards, all your deeds recorded and rewarded. You made a vital decision in your life. Mubarak, Congrats

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