Elementary Approach to Special Relativity (Paperback)

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This book presents an alternative representation of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, which makes Special Relativity much more comprehensible. Moreover, one will come across a fundamental relationship between the Special Theory of Relativity and the mechanics of space lattice. In all previous formulations, the Einsteinian special principle of relativity, in one or the other form is used as the starting point for Special Relativity. In correspondence to this principle, one takes it as granted apriori, that all observers independent of their uniform motion to each other measure one and the same propagation velocity of a light signal. This book is thought of as a lecture for physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists and concentrates on the students of these fields. The book should reach a broad circle of interested readers from the fields of natural sciences and philosophy and provide and invigorating experience for engineers.
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ISBN: 9789811531705
ISBN-10: 9811531706
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: May 17th, 2021
Pages: 362
Language: English