Remote Places to Stay (Hardcover)

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-Updated version to the bestselling 1st edition (ISBN 9789401409940) - which sold out in no time -A beautiful guide to the world's most remote, peaceful and luxurious hotels, from all corners of the earth "Above all, Remote Places to Stay is all about humans and the sheer variety of lifestyles that are possible, as through its evocative photography and well-written texts, we are able to uncover small, hidden corners of the world where life flows in a different tempo altogether." ( In a time of distraction and fragmentation, people need to put some distance between themselves and the modern-day world in order to get back to the roots of their essence. Remote Places to Stay offers the intrepid, dissatisfied soul with 22 places "away from this world," where you can 'switch off' completely. Many of these places are hard to get to, some only by foot, others only by train, boat or bush planes. But all of them have one factor in common: they offer you space for yourself. From the luxurious to the basic, from the Arctic north to desert landscapes in Africa, from an elegant refuge in the Himalayas to an abandoned village in Italy - leave your daily life behind you, at least for a while.
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ISBN: 9789401439251
ISBN-10: 9401439257
Publisher: Lannoo Publishers
Publication Date: January 20th, 2017
Pages: 312
Language: English