Muhammad - The Last Prophet: A Model for All Time: A Model For All Time (Paperback)

Muhammad - The Last Prophet: A Model for All Time: A Model For All Time By Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Cover Image
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Muhammad, The Last Prophet presents a comprehensive account of the life of the last Prophet - Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). This translation allows young English-speaking Muslims to benefit from Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi's renowned Islamic scholarship. The work covers the historical background to the call to Islam as well as provides an authentic description of the experiences encountered by Allah's Messenger as he struggled to bring his wayward community to the Divine Path.

This book offers guidance and inspiration to young Muslims seeking answers to the evil's in today's society. Relying on the Holy Qur'an and its contemporary sources, the author illustrates how the natural order was restored from chaos 1.400 years ago.

SAYYED ABUL HASAN 'ALI NADWI (1914-99) was one of the leading Muslim scholars of his time. He was a powerful and eloquent writer and orator, both in Urdu and Arabic. He wrote prolifically, and many of his books for children have been translated into English: among them are Stories of the Prophets; A Starlight View of Islam's Past; Stories from Islamic History and The Minaret Speaks.

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ISBN: 9788119946105
ISBN-10: 8119946103
Publisher: Nadwi Press
Publication Date: December 8th, 2023
Pages: 216
Language: English