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West Coast

--Early Modern Houses in West

Elizabeth A.T. Smith
The Case Study Houses of Los Angeles

Eames Demetrios
Eames House and Studio

Pierre Koenig
Case Study House #21, Case Study House #22
Edward A. Killingsworth
Case Study House #25
Craig Ellwood
Daphne House, Rosen House
Charles & Ray Eames
Case Study House #8 (Eames House and Studio)

Hiroshi Misawa
California Modernism: The Regional Architecture
Moore and MLTW Architecture, Born in Berkeley

Interview with Charles Moore by Yukio Futagawa
Dialogue with Charles MooreーOn Sea Ranch

Sea Ranch Condominium, Lawrence House, Caygill House
Johnson House, Moore House

Yoshio Futagawa
LA School

Ray Kappe
Kappe House, Melcher Residence
John Lautner
Goldstein Residence, Segel Residence, Elrod House
Frank O. Gehry
Gehry Residence, Winton Guest House, Schnabel Residence
Edward R. Niles
Sidley Residence, McKay Residence
Venice III, 2-4-6-8 House, Blades Residence
Eric Owen Moss
708 House
Franklin D. Israel
Goldberg/Bean House, Arango/Berry House, Dan House

East Coast

--Early Modern Houses in East

Yoshio Futagawa
New York Five

Richard Meier
Smith House, Douglas House
Peter Eisenman
House VI (Frank Residence)
Gwathmey Henderson Siegel
Gwathmey House & Studio
Gwathmey Siegel
DeMenil Residence
Michael Graves
Hanselmann House, Snyderman House

Robert Stern
New York Townhouse, Residence in Llewellyn Park
Scogin Elam and Bray
House Chmar
Tod Williams Billie Tsien
Rifkind Residence
Steven Holl
Stretto House, Writing with Light House, Planar House

Desert Houses in Arizona

Will Bruder
Byrne Residence, Feigin Residence
Rick Joy
Palmer/Rose Residence
Bart Prince
Parnall Residence, Prince Residence & Studio, Price Residence
Antoine Predock
Zuber Residence, Fuller House


Marco Palmieri
Post WW II Italian Residential Architecture and
Interior/Furniture Design

Luigi Moretti
Villa la Saracena
Angelo Mangiarotti
Bianchi House, House in Cisano
Gio Ponti + Nanda Vigo
House in Malo
Vittoriano Vigan
House along Lake Garda
Piero Sartogo
Cluster House in Circeo
Carlo Moretti
House in Crenna
Vico Magistretti
Cassina House
Carlo Scarpa
Zentner House, Casa Ottolenghi
Tobia Scarpa
Scarpa House, Benetton House
Ettore Sottsass
Mourmans House

Ettore Sottsass
Furniture in the the 1960-2005

Northern Europe

Christoph Affentranger
Houses in Scandinavia, History and Analysis

Alvar Aalto
Villa Schildt
Ralph Erskine
Villa Tesdorpf
Jørn Utzon
House along Lake Furesö, Utzon House
Sverre Fehn
Bödtker House, Studio Holme

European Contemporaries

Richard & Su Rogers
Dr. Rogers House
Rem Koolhaas/OMA
Villa Dall'Ava, Maison à Bordeaux
Mario Botta
Single Family House at Riva San Vitale, Single Family House at Massagno
Klaus Kada
House in Leibnitz
Volker Giencke
Dr. Treiber House
Georg Driendl
Solar Tube
Tonet Sunyer/Jordi Badia
Single-Family House, Barcelona
Álvaro Siza
Casa David Vieira de Castro

Latin America in the 1960s and Today

Interview with Makoto Suzuki by Yukio Futagawa
Latin American Architects Encountered
in the 1960s’ Their Styles and Characteristics

Gabriel Kogan
Six Points
about the Contemporary Latin American Houses

Oscar Niemeyer
Niemeyer House
Luis Barragán
Barragán House
Ricardo Legorreta
La Colorada House
Alberto Kalach & Daniel Alvarez
Negro House
Ten Arquitectos
House LE
Paulo A. Mendes da Rocha
Rocha House
Lina Bo Bardi
Casa de Vidro
Joaquim Guedes
Pereira House
Marcio Kogan
Du Plessis House
Angelo Bucci
House in Aldeila da Serra
Mathias Klotz
Viejo House
Felipe Assadi
Casa Schmitz
Smiljan Radic
Pite House


Yoshio Futagawa
Aussie Houses

Glenn Murcutt
House in Southern Highlands,
Wendy Lewin and Glenn Murcutt
Lewin & Murcutt House
Peter Stutchbury + Shane Blue
Harbour House
Sean Godsell
St. Andrew's Beach House

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