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In Catalonia you can enjoy the most wonderful cakes - Catalan Pastis - some of which have a unique local character developed with proud traditions. History and politics are briefly commented.

Catalan Pastis is the third volume in our series World of Cakes.

In Luxembourg - A Piece of Cake we toured the incredible cake shop world in tiny Luxembourg. The variety far exceeds what you would expect in a country smaller than Rhode Island. The book was an unplanned accident.

In Florida Cakes we continued the habit of taking pictures of some of the cakes we purchased. Our life took us to the sunny beaches of Florida for a while. The cake designs in Florida are just incredible.

Now back in Europe we had business in Spain and especially in Catalonia, which we enjoyed during a number of months.

Again, we took advantage of its uniquely enjoyable cake shops - bombonierie - making the most wonderful cakes - pastis in Catalan - some which are not found elsewhere.

There must be at least one thousand cake shops and cafes in Barcelona alone serving these great specialities.

We will try to discover some of the secrets behind this formidable variety and quality of Catalan pastis - Catalan cakes. You will be surprised

We very much hope you will enjoy the tour and will take the opportunity to visit Spain and Catalonia yourself one day

Many thanks to Concha Marchante of the Servei de Pesca Continental in Barcelona and Professor Emili Emili Garcia-Berthou from the University of Girone for their kind assistance with very interesting information on the fish in the Tordera River.

Illustrated. Recipes.

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ISBN: 9782919787517
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Publication Date: February 11th, 2019
Pages: 210
Language: English