Freemasonry and Catholicism (Hardcover)

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Max Heindel, known as the greatest western mystic of the twentieth century, left as a legacy to the world this wonderful book: Freemansory and Catholiscism. The mutual antagonism of the Catholic Church and Freemasonry is well established and longstanding. For most of the past 300 years they have been acknowledged, even in the secular mindset, as implacably opposed. The author was neither a Freemason nor a Catholic, and thus was free to reveal what he knew without fear of violating any obligations or other repercussions.This is great reading, for those who have been curious about these two mystical-orders. It cuts through the chase; and provide the reader with astounding facts.Chapters include; Lucifer, The Rebel Angel, The Masonic Legend, The Queen Of Sheba, Casting the Molten Sea, The Mystery Of Melchisedec, Spiritual Alchemy, The Philosopher's Stone--What it is and How it is made, The Path Of Initiation, Armageddon, The Great War, and the Coming Age.

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ISBN: 9782357285033
ISBN-10: 2357285036
Publisher: Alicia Editions
Publication Date: June 24th, 2020
Pages: 90
Language: English