Weird and Amazing Places in the Natural World: (Age 5 - 8) (Wonders of the World) (Paperback)

Weird and Amazing Places in the Natural World: (Age 5 - 8) (Wonders of the World) Cover Image
By Tj Rob
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Take a journey around our planet and visit some little known but amazing places. Be ready to be surprised.

Travel to a spooky sea cave filled with natural blue luminous light. See gigantic stone arches and balancing rocks that seem to defy gravity.

Visit the world's most photographed mountain, one of the most dangerous to climb. See the largest salt flat in the world, flat as a pancake and is so white that it is blinding.

View a single tree that has tens of thousands of trunks, one of the heaviest and one oldest things on the planet.

See a waterfall that is over 2,000 feet wide which dumps enough water in a single second to fill 5 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Witness the beauty of these and other fascinating places that fill this book of Natural Wonders.

This book is full of color images, bursting with amazing facts and is easy to understand. Sure to intrigue young readers.

Although aimed at readers from 5 to 8, this book will appeal to everyone up to 100

TJ Rob -

Book Contents:

Weird and Amazing Places in the NATURAL World


Ha Long Bay

The Great Blue Hole

Salar De Uyuni

The Blue Grotto

Arches National Park

The Matterhorn

Ngorangoro Crater

The Great Barrier Reef


Iguazu Falls

The Grand Canyon

The Giant's Causeway

Yuki-No-Otani Snow Canyon

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About the Author

Being taught to read at an early age, I soon became an avid reader. As a young child reading brought me great pleasure and still does. From the pages of the many books that lined my mother's home library I was introduced to literally entire new worlds. I was transported to magical places like the Pyramids and Mount Everest, and discovered amazing creatures in the oceans and on land. The old adage that "knowledge is power" seems to resonate more so than ever today. Reading and learning gives kids that power, and in today's increasingly competitive world, the more knowledge kids have at their fingertips, the more prepared they will be to meet the challenges of our modern world. I wish to pass on my love of reading and exploring the world around us to all those new younger readers. So join me on my many voyages of discovery, learning about the many incredible things, people and creatures that make our world such a fascinating place. TJ Rob -
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ISBN: 9781988695242
ISBN-10: 1988695244
Publisher: Tj Rob
Publication Date: December 13th, 2016
Pages: 36
Language: English
Series: Wonders of the World