Black Box Poetics: Short Memoirs of Chaos (Paperback)

Black Box Poetics: Short Memoirs of Chaos By Kendall Johnson Cover Image
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Each of the black boxes contains white pages, typed, one or two pages each, stapled at the top left corner. 300-500 word stories; all quite true, unfortunately. These are poetics of chaos.

These are the stories I said I'd never write. The kind of stories, once heard, you can't erase from your mind. Scenes you wish you'd never seen. Sensations you wish never to feel again. When I began writing, photography, and painting, I adopted what is rightly or wrongly termed the Hippocratic Oath that medical people are bound by: simply, do no harm. I've held these stories back.

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ISBN: 9781947240223
ISBN-10: 1947240226
Publisher: Bamboo Dart Press
Publication Date: June 10th, 2021
Pages: 70
Language: English