Hipster Hitler (Paperback)

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In a competition of the most hated memes of modern times, "Hipster" has now caught up with "Hitler." Artists James Carr and Archana Kumar thought, why not combine the two? After all, Hitler was indeed a hipster of his time, a failed artist in Vienna scrounging up extra dollars or kroner painting quick architecture scenes for the tourists.

In their heavily trafficked website, "hipsterhitler.com," these comic artists posit a new sort of history in which Hitler, wears Silverlake-trendy glasses, thrift store sweaters, and outspoken T-shirts, and the reader begins to quickly understand the history of Hitler in a new and strangely engaging way.

The Feral House book of Hipster Hitler includes a few dozen pages of comics heretofore unseen online.

About the Author

Carr and Kumar are cartoon strip satirists.

Praise For…

"From the Springtime For Hitler” sequence in The Producers to the Downfall” meme, Hitler gags work because, darn it, that guy had it coming to him." - The Webcomic Overlook

Product Details
ISBN: 9781936239429
ISBN-10: 1936239426
Publisher: Feral House
Publication Date: September 25th, 2012
Pages: 200
Language: English