Clean Architecture: Tips and Tricks to Software and Programming Using Clean Architecture Theories (Paperback)

Clean Architecture: Tips and Tricks to Software and Programming Using Clean Architecture Theories By William Vance Cover Image
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You are probably reading this book for two reasons: you are either a programmer or you are seeking to be a better programmer. If these two describe you, then you have chosen the right book.

This book will give you all the necessary tips and tricks to software and programming using the clean code approach called Clean Architecture. This book is not only about functional programs, but it also gives you tips and tricks to proper programming methodologies.

The approach outlined in this book are universal and can be applied to any programming language. The principles outlined in this book will help a programmer to design applications that are:

  • Easily testable
  • Apps that can be refactored
  • Easy to use applications and
  • Maintainable applications

In this book, you will learn what design architecture means and how it can be applied to develop clean codes. This book will explore in detail clean architecture, which is the structure that dominates the paradigms and discussions of software development.

In this book, the reader will learn:

  • How to structure software systems, which is valuable for software designers.
  • Understand software and programming design architecture, its goals, and practical examples.
  • Learn the distinctions between structured programming, object-oriented programming, and functional programming.
  • Explore software design principles like the Single Responsibility Principle, Open-Closed Principles, Liskov Substitution, Interface Segregation, and the Dependency Inversion Principle.
  • This book will further explore the components of the programming design principles of relocatability and linkers, and how the components work together for software development.
  • Explore the architecture, its development, deployment, operation, and maintenance.
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