Grandparent's Memory Book (Paperback)

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By Onefam
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Congratulations you have already taken the first step. Documenting your life story can be an incredible journey of memories, reflection and love. Making the decision to write your own autobiography can be an extremely rewarding experience. OneFam's grandparent memory book takes you step-by-step through the process, providing you with over 250 prompts to trigger memories from major timelines in your life. Once you're finished, this will no doubt make the perfect present for your grandchildren.

Once you have decided to begin documenting your story, the process can be overwhelming and in fact, difficult. To guide you and help you to develop a detailed, blueprint of your history and journey, follow the prompts outlined in this memory book. The prompts in the memory book have been divided into sections to assist you to gather your thoughts and experiences into chronological order, using your own voice, capturing the essence of the moment, including:
- Your family history (grandparents/parents)
- Birth/Early childhood
- Grade school/high school
- Post-high school/college
- Career
- Relationships
- Family
- Personal; and
- Religion
Use each section according to your ultimate goal for the finished memory book. If you are interested in documenting your family tree, complete as many details about your grandparents, parents and extended family as possible. Some of the prompts may be used to spark a memory or additional information from your relatives, something that you may not have originally thought of. For example, ask your family members what they remember about how your parents or grandparents met or what they did for a living, bringing additional insight into your family's history.

We hope you enjoy the adventure of writing your own autobiography.

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ISBN: 9781912657056
ISBN-10: 1912657058
Publisher: Onefam
Publication Date: March 4th, 2018
Pages: 216
Language: English