Bold Sea Stories 2: True Boating Tales of Adventure and Survival (Bold Sea Stories Series) (Paperback)

Bold Sea Stories 2: True Boating Tales of Adventure and Survival (Bold Sea Stories Series) By Marlin Bree, BA Cover Image
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Bold Sea Stories 2 is a new book from an award-winning marine journalist who shares the best boating, sailing, and adventure stories from his long career. Most of Marlin Bree's collection of 26 real-life tales are set on the world's largest freshwater sea, Lake Superior. With 60 photos, illustrations, and charts, the author takes readers to fascinating corners of the Sweetwater Sea and elsewhere to plunge them into adventure, exploration, and (mostly) triumph. In one chapter, a solo sailor crossing the North Atlantic in his 10-foot plywood sailboat is overtaken by a deadly storm, while in another tale, a "down home" crew in an ordinary sailboats attempts a first crossing of the iceberg-guarded Northwest Passage. From Bold Sea Stories 2's pages arise inspiring tales of bold sea captains and brave seamen---and of course, high seas, wild storms, and shipwrecks. These are authentic accounts of extraordinary voyages, single-handed sailing feats, and great boats---some doomed forever to rest beneath the waves. Bree's recurring themes are the why's of sailing---love of wilderness, the joy of boating, the magic of discovering and (almost always) mastering the unknown, and the search for peace on the water. Published by Marlor Press, Bold Sea Stories 3 is the second in Bree's Bold Sea Stories series.

About the Author

Marlin Bree is a former newsman who turned to writing boating books. He is the author of numerous nautical books, including the Bold Sea Series, Wake of the Green Storm, and Broken Seas.

Praise For…

"Armchair sailing adventures with Marlin Bree are quite good for getting the heart rate up." —Greg Proteau, Past Executive Director of Boating Writers International

"Bold Sea Stories 2 may very well have been Marlin Bree's finest book. He has reached almost 90 years of age and his reminiscences are masterfully written...(a) wonderful book.—Marlor Press


"Gold! Cry arises from North Shore---and author Marlin Bree goes in search for the gold of Superior. Along the way, Jack London-like, he encounters grizzled prospectors, scheming entrepreneurs, and, finally, an old Canadian moose pasture that surprisingly yielded one third of the world's gold supply." —The Ensign.

"Bree's writing style puts the reader with the author aboard his 20-foot centerboard sloop on Lake Superior as he details the people he's met, the places he's gone and what he experienced along the way. Each story is unique, and each has a bit of sailing history woven in."—The Ensign
Product Details
ISBN: 9781892147370
ISBN-10: 1892147378
Publisher: Marlor Press
Publication Date: March 15th, 2023
Pages: 224
Language: English
Series: Bold Sea Stories Series