House of Shadows (Paperback)

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'Vertigo meets Rebecca in a twisty Tudor time slip. Addictive, atmospheric and completely enjoyable' - Julie Cohen, bestselling author of Together.

What if the life you were remembering wasn't your own?

When Kate Vavasour wakes in hospital, she can remember nothing about the family gathered around her bed, or of her life before the accident - a terrible fall from the roof of her home, Askerby Hall.

The doctors diagnose post-traumatic amnesia and say her memories should start returning. Which they do ... but these memories are not Kate's own. They belong to Isabel Vavasour, who lived and died at Askerby Hall over four hundred years earlier ...

Returning home to recuperate, Kate finds herself in a house full of shadows and suspicions. Unable to recognize her family, her friends or even her small son, she struggles to piece together the events that led to her accident. But before Kate can uncover the mysteries of the present, she must first

discover the truth about the past.

Was Isabel's madness real, or was her mistake to trust the one person she thought would never betray her?

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ISBN: 9781839012051
ISBN-10: 1839012056
Publisher: Lume Books
Publication Date: December 17th, 2020
Pages: 296
Language: English