Scrum Project Management: 3 Books in 1: Avoiding Project Mishaps: An Introduction+Beyond the Basics+The Expert's Guide (Paperback)

Scrum Project Management: 3 Books in 1: Avoiding Project Mishaps: An Introduction+Beyond the Basics+The Expert's Guide By Gary Metcalfe Cover Image
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Do Stand-up meetings put your team to sleep?

Is your team resistant to change? Is your project dealing with missed deadlines?

Are you ready to banish all these problems out of existence?

By popular demand, in this book bundle, we present to you Gary Metcalfe's best selling series Scrum Project Management. All the way from learning what Scrum actually is to the Agile framework to Scrum implementation for large teams, this book will walk you all the way from A to Z

You will also learn the following:

  • The important metrics you need to be using.......and the ones you don't
  • The various elements of Scrum and how optimizing them ensures success right at the start.
  • The roles inherent to Scrum and how to properly utilize them.
  • A full Scrum implementation tutorial using JIRA.
  • Deep dive into sprint planning and how to properly execute one
  • Why your definition of "done" is wrong.....and how to fix it.
  • Sprint optimization and a weird trick that gets the most results

and so much more

Here's what people are saying about the books in this bundle:

"The book came in good condition and has been extremely helpful in understanding the fundamentals of Project Management while I am currently taking a summer course on this topic. I believe this book could be a good reference guide for someone starting out in their career as a associate project manager and I would highly recommend it to every and anyone who is interested in that career path...."- ROBINSON, January 13, 2019

"I think if you are looking for a book that will give you enough info about Scrum Project Management, I can recommend this one. Full of essential information and has discussed all the details well to give you sufficient understanding of all the elements of scrum and scrum terms. I find this book well-written and can be use as a good reference.."-Jane M., January 20, 2019

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You can purchase this book for just $28.99 What's more, you will also get the ebook, absolutely free, when you purchase the paperback

So go ahead and join those who have learned to Scrum the right way

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