Tree Wisdom: A Year of Healing Among the Trees (Paperback)

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Twelve lessons that trees can teach us to achieve inner calm, with mindfulness and journaling exercises.

Forest bathing, tree hugging, 'earthing' and nature retreats--more and more, we are craving a return to nature, to peace, and simplicity. This book shows the way.

When international opera tenor and forester Vincent Karche lost his voice, he was instructed by a shamanic healer that, to regain it, he would have to find himself again first. Thus began a journey into the heart of the forest.

In this book, Vincent mirrors the cyclical nature of the seasons to help us reconnect to our natural rhythm, find inner peace, and activate physical and emotional healing. Just as a tree anchors its roots into the earth to weather storms, so too can we learn to cultivate resilience; to find instant relief from stress, we need only breathe slowly in and out as a tree would; and we can forge stronger relationships by encouraging symbiotic links with all beings, giving and taking only what we need as trees and plants do.

In this poetic exploration of the unbreakable bond between nature and human, Vincent reminds us that we are both the forest and the tree: each unique in our being and yet part of a Divine natural creation.

About the Author

Vincent Karche is an author, forester, opera tenor, and TedX speaker. Born near the majestic Moyeuvre forest in France, he enjoyed a career as a celebrated opera singer but was struck speechless after a severe burnout. It was amongst the forests of Quebec that he rediscovered his voice, his true self and his mission in life: to help others reconnect with the healing power of trees. He now leads RandOlyrics retreats, marrying singing and forest bathing, in the Gâvre Forest, and also delights audiences at the Angers Nantes Opera in France.
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ISBN: 9781788173896
ISBN-10: 1788173899
Publisher: Hay House UK
Publication Date: December 17th, 2019
Pages: 224