In Training For A Happy Hunting Ground (Paperback)

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I have several reasons for writing. First of all, writing is fun for me. I get a lot of pleasure and very little grief from writing. It is the same with my painting.

Here I have a chance to highlight some of my paintings with a short description of my thoughts as I painted, an essay about the situation, or a story that matches the mood.

To my knowledge, my Norwegian ancestors didn't paint or write (if they did, unfortunately nothing was preserved). I've often wished for insight into their lives, yet there is none.

So that is why I have painted, composed, and recorded this little collection. This has been created for my descendants and any other interested parties. Here I leave some indication of what my grandparents, parents, and myself were like; what our vistas looked like; what we experienced; how we treated one another; what drove us; how we lived; what we hunted; and what we ate.

With some luck this book has a chance to advance into the future. This is why I'm excited about the opportunity to send these memories on their way.

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ISBN: 9781773020709
ISBN-10: 1773020706
Publisher: David Bergh
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2016
Pages: 166
Language: English