Unsolved Serial Killers (Paperback)

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Welcome back to Unsolved Serial Killers, the third volume with 10 more bone-chilling and nightmare-inducing cases of serial killers you've never heard of, and the victims whose names were either never discovered or have been forgotten over time. Featuring 10 more of the most shocking and notorious serial killers who were never caught, take a ride from coast to coast and relive the terrible crimes that rocked perfectly normal communities and shattered their sense of security as they encountered firsthand the depravity of mankind.

With detailed investigative reports and psychological profiles of the killers who set out to claim helpless victims for one reason or another, the following crimes will keep you turning the pages.

Enter the world of history's most ruthless unknown killers and the people whose lives they cut short in Unsolved Serial Killers, Volume 3. And be warned.

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ISBN: 9781737769248
ISBN-10: 1737769247
Publisher: D.R. Werner
Publication Date: November 18th, 2021
Pages: 186
Language: English