The Memory Stones: Forgiveness is a Journey in Time (Paperback)

The Memory Stones: Forgiveness is a Journey in Time By Lewis Pennington Cover Image
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The Memory Stones is the tale of Mase Winslow the troubled heir to a Civil War-era plantation who must traverse time on a supernatural odyssey of redemption to save himself, the love of his life, and his future generations.

When Mase, is forced to almost killing his best friend, a slave named Spoon, for the alleged rape of his sister, he unconsciously brings about the demise of his beloved plantation. As guilt and remorse overtake him, he seeks atonement through death on the battlefield. With the help of an ordinary-looking stone given to him by Spoon's mother, he is transported through time. When he realizes he can redeem himself by altering his actions, he suddenly has hope. The reality-bending journey that ensues takes him to present-day New York City and then back to Civil War-era South Carolina, requiring him to navigate a myriad of desperate challenges. With more than a century of guilt weighing him down, he battles himself, Yankee troops, nature's elements, and a nemesis that follows him through time. Set against an ominous ticking clock counting toward a deadly showdown that could cost him the love of his life, all odds are stacked against him.

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ISBN: 9781736423905
ISBN-10: 1736423908
Publisher: Silver Lining Publishing
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2021
Pages: 390
Language: English