Sex Positions: The Ultimate Guide for Exploding Couple's Sex Life with The Top Sex Positions ( Fully Illustrated Sex Book ) (Paperback)

Sex Positions: The Ultimate Guide for Exploding Couple's Sex Life with The Top Sex Positions ( Fully Illustrated Sex Book ) Cover Image
By Bambi Colt, Suzanne Cook (Editor), Nick Rodgers (Illustrator)
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Discover the Different Sex Positions You've Most Likely Never Tried Before.

Are you searching for the best sex position guide? Wondering what are the most fulfilling and satisfying sexual positions you can try on? You are not alone In fact, everyone knows that having great sex is one of the major factors in having a successful and romantic relationship. You're about to discover the top Sex Positions that will make your partner think that you are a Sex God.

What makes this book different from other Sex books?

  • A fully illustrated sex book
  • This book doesn't include sex positions that are impossible to do like in other books
  • Suitable for both young and married couples
  • Include sex positions that you've most likely never tried before

This book is written for average couples who want to have above-average sex. This book covers the topic of sex and how to increase the passion you feel for each other both inside and outside of the bedroom. It's designed to help and teach you how you can have a mind-blowing sex life that provides maximum pleasure for both partners involved.

All you need to rekindle your sex life is your partner, your desire for fire, and this handy little guide that will walk you through the whole thing With a little passion and desire, you can transform the face of your sex life for good. These tips, tricks, and positions will bring the passion back time and time again

By the time you are done with this book, all you'll want to do is grab your partner and get on the dirty deed

Inside "Sex Positions Book" you'll discover:

  • Intimacy
  • Romance
  • Different Types of Positions
  • Sensual Positions
  • Spicy Positions
  • Beyond the Bedroom
  • And Much, Much More

Just like trust, sex is also the foundation of every successful romantic relationship. If you do not enjoy a good sex life, you simply enjoy nothing in the relationship.

Final Words:

Even if you think you know everything discussed here, give this sex book a shot. It's a short, informative and entertaining read, and you may pick up some valuable tools and new ways of thinking you've never read or heard of before.

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Publisher: Lhazey Publishing LLC
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2019
Pages: 70
Language: English