Art Book, Painting and Grayscale Coloring Book. Become a Painter. Vol 1, Nature Is Beautiful. Book AC, Pics: S+D: Art For Adults and Gifted Kids (Paperback)

Art Book, Painting and Grayscale Coloring Book. Become a Painter. Vol 1, Nature Is Beautiful. Book AC, Pics: S+D: Art For Adults and Gifted Kids Cover Image
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"Become a Painter", Vol 1, Book AC, Variant S+D
A new, untypical educational series of painting books / coloring books designed for gifted kids and adults.

This art book includes: grayscale + color pics for all users (both Strong and Delicate sketches). Themes: landscapes, romantic country, flowers, butterfly, bird, cat, sun set, summer, winter. Choose it, if you want to do some experiments. Then, you will be able to compare your results and to decide which book (strong or delicate) you'd like to buy next time.

- big (8.5 x 11" / 22 x 28 cm), smooth paper, good quality, color
- you can color books -with- OR -without- pages removal
- use both colored pencils and acrylic paints (to reach the best artistic results) - the color doesn't leak to the next page: ), but don't use a marker, it's a wrong tool for grayscale coloring books.
- includes my photo-realistic paintings, photographs and a mini guide
- you can color (use strong drawings) or you can develop your drawing skills (use delicate sketches)
- every book gives you hours of good entertainment, exercises, relax, and artistic pleasure

Available Books:
Vol. 1, Nature Is Beautiful
Vol. 2, Painted France
Vol. 3, Nature Is Beautiful 2
Vol. 4, Painted France 2
Vol. 5, Nature Is Beautiful 3
Vol. 6, Painted World
Vol. 7, Nature Is Beautiful 4
Vol. 8, Painted World 2
Vol. 9, Nature Is Beautiful 5
Vol. 10, Painted World 3
Vol. 11, Nature Is Beautiful 6
Vol. 12, Painted World 4

You can buy 3 variants of books (coloring/art/both) and 3 variants of pictures (strong/delicate/both):

- Pictures: S, D, S+D
- strong drawings (S): more dark, more details - super easy coloring for colorists who use colored pencils. The goal: anti-stress. Just color the pictures and relax.
- delicate sketches (D): designed for using with paints - less details, more place for your interpretation. Some of those sketches seem strange, but if you follow the shapes and use acrylic, small brushes and colored pencils - you will receive beautiful scenes. The goal: learning of painting.
- both (S+D): you will get strong and delicate grayscale drawings in the one book

- Books: AC, A, C
- 'All in One' (Book AC): Every book is printed like this: left page - an original color art (A), right - designed for coloring (C), and contains a sketch, grayscale or outline. The best, if you want to color without page removal.
- A set (Book A + Book C): You can buy a set of two books: Book A = Art Book (color reference), fine arts printed in color + Book C = Coloring Book (sketches only). The best, if you want to give paintings to your friend as a gift (Book C is printed on one side).

The series is good for adults and gifted kids. There is no adult content. Give it to your kids and then it will be able to improve their creativity, artistic imagination, and skills. Besides, the active art is as good as contact with animals it develops their sensibility.

The coloring series are "untypical" because it can include some empty fragments of drawing, so you and your kids can fill the page with own shapes. Together. Add a new flower, angel, cloud, pattern, hatching ... You can also supplement, finish or extend my arts. Create YOUR own, original art.

Have a great time with your family,
Lech Balcerzak

- After coloring you can use a spray varnish. It offers good dirt, moisture, light & UltraViolet resistance.
Caution The acrylic painting should wait three days to set before varnishing. Oil paints - much longer.

PS. I composed music for all videos on my Amazon's Author Page. Do you like it? Write to me on Twitter.
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