The Shrill of it All: A Rae Greyson Mystery (Paperback)

The Shrill of it All: A Rae Greyson Mystery By Bw Hoff Cover Image
By Bw Hoff
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Rae Greyson thinks using sarcasm is like wearing underwear: nice or nasty, it must be part of a daily routine. Her other quirks include nail biting, finding solace in soothing sounds and tripping over dead bodies.

Strong and witty, Rae feels no need to have a male in her life. Unexpectedly, she ends up with three: tasty Stone Winters; adoring nephew, Bash; and remarkable Tiny, a Great Shepherd who is the size of a Russian transport helicopter. Normally avoiding large dogs, Rae can't seem to shake this one, especially while house-sitting her boss's Victorian manor. As haunting events occur, she finds herself at the center of a murder mystery and learns that even feisty five-footers, such as herself, can use the help of a taxing canine, or of a woodland creature whose sharp shrill can stop a beating heart.

Those who relish fitting jigsaw pieces of lies, lore and lunacy into one interlocking puzzle will love The Shrill of it All: A Rae Greyson Mystery. With a hint of magical realism, this cursed escapade by BW Hoff will give anyone with an upbeat sense of humor a thrilling ride. Who doesn't like a good stomach drop? So, tighten the harness and enjoy the twists

Product Details
ISBN: 9781685130459
ISBN-10: 1685130453
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publication Date: October 13th, 2022
Pages: 328
Language: English