Let's Get Well: A Practical Guide to Renewed Health Through Nutrition (Paperback)

Let's Get Well: A Practical Guide to Renewed Health Through Nutrition By Adelle Davis Cover Image
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In this extraordinary book, Adelle Davis, the nation's most highly regarded nutritionist, advises the millions who suffer from illness how to select the best foods that contain the most needed nutrients for repairing and rebuilding a sick body. Whether your trouble is arthritis, anemia, diabetes, heart attacks, infections, kidney or liver ailments, allergies, sexual problems, or almost any known disease, Miss Davis outlines a nutritional program to aid recuperation. She includes all the practical aspects of planning diets, her renowned anti stress formula, and invaluable tables of food composition. The tragedy of illness is that it prevents the full expression of outgoing, healthy emotions and creative ability. Here is a treasury of advanced nutritional information written in clear, layman's terms and backed by medical references. It will guide you to renewed health--get you well and keep you well. "The vast majority of sick persons, if given a ray of hope, will make every effort to recover.

A nutritionist discusses the values of certain food and vitamins in curing disease and maintaining good health .

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ISBN: 9781684117468
ISBN-10: 1684117461
Publisher: www.bnpublishing.com
Publication Date: May 30th, 2019
Pages: 484
Language: English