Bread and Roses: 100+ Grain Forward Recipes featuring Global Ingredients and Botanicals (Hardcover)

Bread and Roses: 100+ Grain Forward Recipes featuring Global Ingredients and Botanicals By Rose Wilde Cover Image
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A Los Angeles Times and Bon Appetit Best Book of the Year

Discover brown-flour baking with the charismatic Rose Wilde—a grain geek hungry for texture, flavor, and diversity of ingredients.

In her extraordinary debut cookbook, Rose Wilde shares her joy of grain. From buckwheat, barley, and brown rice to spelt, sonora, and sweet corn, Bread and Roses is a comprehensive guide to choosing ingredients with an impact beyond the plate, resulting in delicious results.

Wilde’s recipes are inspired by her global travels and include more than 100 unique bakes. Readers will learn the origins and basic science behind more than fifteen ancient, heirloom, and alternative grains; how to enhance depth of flavor by tasting for tannins, body, acidity, strength, and hydration; and the proper way to source and preserve ingredients from local farmers and their own backyard. The possibilities for grain-based goodies are endless as Wilde encourages bakers of every level to develop their relationship with grains and grow confidence and creativity in an eco-friendly kitchen. Bread and Roses is the book everyone needs to make their bakes blossom.

About the Author

Rose Wilde has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Food & Wine, Wall Street Journal, and Refinery29, with regular appearances on NPR, Tastemade, and the Cooking Channel. She owns Red Bread Bakery near her home in Los Angeles, California.

Praise For…

WOW. Rose’s recipes are so gorgeous, so original, and so earthy, I am getting giddy just trying to figure out what I’m going to make first. This is a stunning testament to the beautiful wide world of grains, and these flavor combinations are pure poetry.
— Molly Yeh, New York Times best-selling author and Food Network host

This ingredient-forward cookbook is a unique expression of Rose’s vibrant personality, colored by her insatiable curiosity and rich life experience. Her love for fresh ingredients shines through in every recipe and her tutorials explore the function and flavor of whole grains with humor and whimsy. Your taste buds will appreciate Rose’s bold combinations of flavor, refined by years of dedication to her craft.
— Sarah Owens, James Beard Award–winning author of Sourdough

Bread and Roses is such a representation of Rose herself, giving and unapologetic. A unique standout in the bread and pastry book world. This is a timeless book that I will reference time and time again.
— Claudette Zepeda, award-winning chef and culinary entrepreneur

Unique, colorful, and inspirational—just like Rose herself, Bread and Roses is a master class in grain-forward baking from one of the country’s leading authorities on all things delicious. Her detailed, thoughtful, and patient recipes are accessible to the novice baker and a gift to skilled ones. You'll quickly find yourself turning on your oven and cancelling plans to make these mouthwatering recipes—I know I did!

— Tara Jensen, author of Flour Power

Rose aims with this book to ‘make you fall in love with grains’ and I, for one, fell head over heels. What with the gorgeous photos; the mouthwatering recipes; and the helpful and clever illustrations, I’d posit most readers will be equally smitten.
— Jessie Sheehan, author of Snackable Bakes

Rose celebrates the joy of baking in her debut cookbook. Every page takes you on a delicious journey filled with curiosity and creativity. From hearty breads to delicate pastries and cakes, you'll find new twists on classic recipes while exploring fresh ingredients and flavors from across the globe. I can't wait to bake this gorgeous book!
— Cheryl Day, author of Cheryl Day’s Treasury of Southern Baking

Bread and Roses is a stunning journey through global whole grains that will expand your pantry, repertoire, and approach to sweet and savory baking. This unique collection of recipes challenges, excites and nourishes with each grain and bite!

— Caroline Schiff, pastry chef, @gageandtollner and @PastrySchiff

Rose Wilde is behind some of the most impressive pastry and bread programs in the city, including those at at Mother Wolf and Rossoblu. With her new book, she’s created the only baking resource you might ever need, walking you through the fundamentals, including tools, terms and ingredients for a world of baking. It’s like having her in the kitchen with you, her notes guiding the way for sourcing, swaps to make if you have dietary restrictions, the shelf life of your bakes and even how to adjust a recipe for time constraints. Stacey Michelson’s dynamic illustrations make the various infographs and explainers even more user-friendly. The book is organized by region and the whole grains found there. In “Asia,” you’ll find recipes for buckwheat soba and brown rice scallion pancakes. In “Africa,” teff anise custard cake. And if you just want a really good chocolate chip cookie, you’ll find that too. It’s a real celebration of the transformative power of whole grains found around the world. 
— LA Times
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