Confessions of an Investigative Reporter (Hardcover)

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"A fascinating look behind the media mirror that reflects celebrity and power ... incredible." --Bob Dotson, New York Times bestselling author, former national correspondent, the Today show

Award-winning investigative reporter Matthew Schwartz was ordered to lie on TV in the name of sensationalism. He was arrested for trespassing on the property of a business he exposed for committing fraud. A target of one of his investigations swung a baseball bat at his head. He's been shoved, sued, and cursed out. He caught a car dealership rolling back odometers and selling used cars as new. In Confessions of an Investigative Reporter, this veteran journalist reveals his inner thoughts and the inside stories viewers never saw. Confessions of an Investigative Reporter is funny, fast-moving, and dishy. It provides a rare look inside the world of local news from someone who spent four decades in it. It's not only for news viewers. It's for anyone who cares about justice and their community. And about that time he was ordered to lie? His answers lie within.

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ISBN: 9781646630738
ISBN-10: 1646630734
Publisher: Koehler Books
Publication Date: May 26th, 2020
Pages: 260
Language: English