Wit and Wisdom: Inspiration for Living Fully (Paperback)

Wit and Wisdom: Inspiration for Living Fully Cover Image
By Robert S. Hartman, Clifford G. Hurst (Editor), Catherine Blakemore (Contribution by)
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Robert S. Hartman is one of the greatest visionaries of building a better world by first building your best self. His range of thought and breadth of experience from mathematics to philosophy to political science to innovation and creativity provides one of the most comprehensive views of life as we live it and how to live it better.

Wit & Wisdom: Inspiration for Living Fully is the first-ever comprehensive quote collection from Robert S. Hartman from a variety of his published, unpublished, and soon-to-be-published works.

His influential thought on all matters to do with the Self comes from over 50 years of exploring the question, "What is good?" Thus, each page of this book offers the wit-and wisdom-to challenge and encourage you to live a full life in the essence of goodness.

Edited and designed by his namesake institute, The Robert S. Hartman Institute, the book can be enjoyed two ways. Read from front to back to become engrossed in Hartman's intellectualism, humor, and vision for a better world. Or take a random page each day to inspire you to self-reflect, take action, create goodness, and live life fully.

We offer this collection to perpetuate Hartman's ideas:

"The greatest power on earth is the goodwill and decency in the heart of each human being."

- Robert S. Hartman

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ISBN: 9781642280418
ISBN-10: 1642280410
Publisher: Izzard Ink
Publication Date: January 12th, 2021
Pages: 186
Language: English