Single-Handedly: Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand (Hardcover)

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By Nalina Moses, Tom Kundig (Foreword by)
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Part of the generation of architects who were trained to draw both by hand and with digital tools, Nalina Moses recently returned to hand drawing. Finding it to be direct, pleasurable, and intuitive, she wondered whether other architects felt the same way. Single-Handedly is the result of this inquiry. An inspiring collection of 220 hand drawings by more than forty emerging architects and well-known practitioners from around the world, this book explores the reasons they draw by hand and gives testimony to the continued vitality of hand drawing in architecture. The powerful yet intimate drawings carry larger propositions about materials, space, and construction, and each one stands on its own as a work of art.

About the Author

Nalina Moses is an architect and writer in New York City. Her writing on art, architecture and design has appeared both in print and online.

Praise For…

"In a curated collection of 220 hand drawings by 40-plus architects from around the globe [author Nalina] Moses explains the necessities of drawing by hand and shows its relevance in today's world. Each one its own masterpiece of intricate lines, the sketches are a complement to digital renderings-full of energy and expression."
- Modern in Denver

"[A] printed paean to experimental architecture-and to the possibilities of hand drawing."
- ARCHITECT Magazine

"Architect Moses stepped back from her CAD existence to reconsider the art of drawing by hand-for pleasure and professionally. This prompted her to solicit similar works from colleagues worldwide via an open call, resulting in this beautifully curated collection from the contributions of 43 international architects. A celebration of thought, observation, and skill, Single-Handedly is a compelling study of how the physical act of putting pen or pencil to paper generates and benefits the creative process."
- Architectural Record

"The dozens of contributions to Single-Handedly are the antithesis of the imagistic buildings designed and envisioned through computers. They are weighty, saturated, often colorful, sometimes dreamlike drawings of real or imagined worlds....'[H]and drawing,' [Nalina Moses] writes, 'richly complements the work of the computer.'"
- A Daily Dose of Architecture Books

"Straight from the architects' own notebooks, these works of art capture their subjects' intricacies and energy in a way that no digital rendition ever could....More than 100 architects opened their notebooks to share sketches that, while rarely used for presentation or construction, demonstrate the beauty and craft of illustrating their projects (real or otherwise) by hand."
- Architectural Digest

"Whether or not you have a passion for architecture, it's oddly satisfying to look at the neat lines and intricate designs of these sketches by some of the most important names in the field today."
- The New York Times
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ISBN: 9781616897260
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Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publication Date: May 7th, 2019
Pages: 256
Language: English