Diary of a Drug Fiend (Paperback)

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Although written as a novel, this book is actually a true story according to the author, Aleister Crowley. With his black magick and occult background the popular press began calling him "The Wickedest Man in the World". This wickedness included his involvement with drug addiction, and this book brings the reader into the minds of users. It clearly explains how one can be drawn in and trapped by addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin, including why the habit is held onto while the users life is ruined. Crowley explains the use of the Will, found in some of his magickal works, in attempting to combat the problem. Considered by some his best-written work, reveals the amazing highs and the complete ruin that can follow.
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ISBN: 9781585092451
ISBN-10: 1585092452
Publisher: Book Tree
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2004
Pages: 376
Language: English