Stagecraft 1--Textbook: A Complete Guide to Backstage Work (Hardcover)

Stagecraft 1--Textbook: A Complete Guide to Backstage Work By William H. Lord Cover Image
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This textbook is intended to be the primary source of information for a semester-long Stagecraft course, introducing students to the production facilities, operations, methods, and techniques used in a school theater, and relating those practices to professional, amateur, and other educational theatres. Now in its third edition, William Lord developed this book through his years of experience teaching Stagecraft at a midwest high school. Twenty chapters detailing all of the fundamentals provide everything any aspiring stage technician needs to know to get started in backstage work. Major topics include: stages and rigging, production staff, properties, sound, lumber and tools, scenery construction, lighting instruments, control of light and color, and electricity and devices. Every section includes photographs, illustrations, and diagrams to aid the learning process. In addition, each chapter ends with a bibliography as well as a list of vocabulary introduced in that chapter with the page number where it was first defined. Finally, fifteen different production forms -- from a box office report to a sound effects cue sheet -- make this highly comprehensive text even more valuable

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ISBN: 9781566082129
ISBN-10: 1566082129
Publisher: Merw
Publication Date: September 1st, 2000
Pages: 136
Language: English