Autoheterosexual: Attracted to Being the Other Sex (Hardcover)

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There are two known types of transgenderism. One is associated with homosexuality and the other with autoheterosexuality: a sexual attraction to being the other sex.

Some trans people see these transgender categories as existential threats, or even suppress knowledge of them. But this cover-up actually harms trans people-it damages their ability to properly interpret their experiences and give truly informed consent for hormones or surgeries.

In Autoheterosexual: Attracted to Being the Other Sex, Phil Illy curates evidence from more than a century of sexual research to present a superior model of transgenderism. This intensely researched book will help autoheterosexuals understand themselves and bring greater self-awareness and agency to the decision-making process around gender transition.

Gain a better understanding of not only this most common form of trans identity, but also other forms of trans identity based on attraction to being something other than what you're born as.

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ISBN: 9781544541457
ISBN-10: 1544541457
Publisher: Houndstooth Press
Publication Date: June 13th, 2023
Pages: 702
Language: English