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Nina Soyfer's collection of art works includes over 400 completed works. Nina's graphical arts style is based on an original combination of surrealistic motives, perceptions of surrounding nature, and psychology of people, their feelings and emotions. She has exhibited collections of her paintings in Ukraine, Israel, and Canada.Nina Soyfer is originally from Ukraine, where she started her music, dance, and art education at the age of five. In 2003 her art work titled Cocktail of Dance won third prize in Ukraine's creative arts competition titled Dance. In the same year she was selected as one of three visual art laureates from Ukraine in the international competition Israel in Dance and Colour, to study with artists in Israel. There she created and exhibited paintings, sculptures, and photographs. As a young artist, Nina attended seminars and Master classes conducted by internationally renowned artists from Israel and USA. Upon return from Israel, she was invited to exhibit all of her art works (paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other artistic creations) at the Ukrainian University M.D. Leontovytch College of Cultureand Arts, where she also gave lectures on her art to the University administration, faculty, and students.Dr. Soyfer has also created Integrated Arts Method (TM) and founded Integrated Arts Method School ( which offers private lessons in arts, and Nina's style.Dr. Nina Soyfer also conducted a number of artistic programs in public schools of Toronto.Visual Arts Exhibitions and Experience:Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts 2015, Juried Art Show, Featuring "The Spirit of Nature" by Nina SoyferSept. 2015Exhibition of my art works for the Humanity in Harmony Festival at York UniversityOctober 2011Exhibition of my art works for the Humanity in Harmony Festival at York UniversityOctober 2010Exhibition of my art works for the Humanity in Harmony Festival at York UniversityOctober 2009Exhibition of my art works for the Humanity in Harmony Festival at York UniversityOctober 2008Teaching Visual Arts of my own style in the "Promoting Excellence" program at Westview Secondary School, for TheatrePeace companyOct.2007 – June 2008Exhibition of my art works for the Humanity in Harmony Festival at York UniversityOct. 2007Exhibition featuring my visual art works at M.D. Leontovich Music College of Culture & Arts for groups of students from various faculties, staff, and administration (including the president and vice president of the college)Sept.2003 – Oct.2003Publication of a number of paintings in "Suzir'ia Muz" M.D. Leontovich Music College of Culture & Arts Monthly magazineSept.2003 – May2004"Israel in Dance and Colour 2003" Art Exhibition with four selected paintings in IsraelJune 2003Exhibition of my art works, sculptures, and design of exhibiting area in Israel, for final exhibition in "Israel in Dance and Colour"June – July 2003

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Dr. Nina Soyfer is a prize-winning artist and musician. Her music albums on Spotify and iTunes often display her artworks in cover designs. She has completed over 400 artworks and exhibited them internationally.Each artwork in this collection has its own special creation story and hidden meaning.The ideas came from dreams, quantum fields of consciousness, and imagination.The creation stories of each artwork are not given in this book, allowing viewers to form their own impressions.Dr. Nina Soyfer is happy to answer questions or chat about her art. Please send these questions or order some prints for your home by contacting her via Nina Soyfer created the Integrated Arts Method (TM) as part of her doctoral dissertation to teach her skills to others.Details of her art school can be found at
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