Copyright Policies and Workflows in Libraries: A Concise Handbook (Paperback)

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Copyright situations in libraries can get complicated. How do librarians know how much they can copy? Is everything in libraries fair use? Can librarians let people show movies in the library? Do new services like 3D printing involve copyright? Should librarians always say 'no' when patrons want to copy something? Finding the answers can be time-consuming, but with copyright policies and workflows in place, those answers are at the fingertips of librarians. Knowing how to create and implement copyright policies will make it much easier to address the copyright situations that come up in your library. Librarians and those who work in libraries can use this book to get good information and practical advice on both copyright basics and policies. The book is different from other books about copyright in libraries because it focuses on more than the rules of copyright. It goes further by guiding librarians and information professionals on how to incorporate the rules into policies, procedures, and workflows. With this book, librarians and information professionals will be able to craft a copyright policy that will enable them to answer complicated copyright questions quickly and easily. The book includes sample policies from all types of libraries: academic, public, government, and private. The book covers how to implement a policy and ways to assess its effectiveness. Copyright Policies and Workflows in Libraries will help you understand -Copyright basics and how to get permission -Your library's context within a legal landscape -The best components of a policy -Practical copyright workflows -How to assess policy effectiveness.

About the Author

Allyson Mower, MA, MLIS is Head of Scholarly Communication & Copyright at the University of Utah Marriott Library. She has worked as a copyright librarian for ten years. Allyson provides the University of Utah community and the general public with information, tools, and services related to both copyright and publishing. As a tenured faculty member, she researches the history of authorship and scholarly communication at the institution and writes about intellectual freedom and privacy for ALA's Intellectual Freedom Blog. Currently, Allyson chairs the Copyright Education Committee of the Utah Library Association and provides workshops and training programs on copyright to Utah librarians. She has presented on copyright at various conferences including the Brigham Young University Copyright Symposium, Innovative Librarians Explore, Apply, and Discover (ILEAD), and the San Jose State University Open Access & Digital Repository Symposium. Allyson was a Library Journal Mover & Shaker in 2008, was nominated as a 2012 Society for Scholarly Publishing Emerging Leader, and served as the U of U Academic Senate President in 2014.
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ISBN: 9781538133224
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Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication Date: July 20th, 2020
Pages: 166
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