Power Plants: Thirty Adaptogens: And a Treasure Chest of Useful Herbs (Paperback)

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All cultures and continents have a range of naturally occurring Adaptogens, the most powerful and safest plants that have full mind-body effects and increase the body's natural resilience and adaptability. Most of the Adaptogens you can buy or read about come from China or other places in Asia. This is inconvenient and shows a degree of disconnection from local plant resources and the vast powers of plants in every geographical space. American and European plants are every bit as efficient and vitalizing as their Asian counterparts, and recognizing this fact makes it easier to introduce Adaptogens to a larger number of people, and it reduces the global destructive impact upon the Asian flora. Thirty of the most powerful and useful adaptogens are presented here, a wide range of plants with powerful and diverse effect in the human mind and body. Make your way into your natural heritage, the landscape fo plants which can fully support you throughout a lifetime, and should be a part of your daily intake. Thirty Adaptogens for Strength in All Body Systems, Vitality, Resilience, Relaxation, Happiness and Life-Long Health. And an Overview of the Best Herbal Collections: Herbs for the Mind, Herbs for Headaches, Herbs for Digestion, Herbs for Colds, Herbs for Fever, Herbs for Wounds and Cuts, Herbs for Head Injury, Herbs for Broken Bones, Herbs for Burns and Sunburns Herbs for Poisonous Bites Herbs for Bruises Strains and Sprains Herbs for Boils and Abscesses Herbs for Tooth Health and Pain Herbs for Nerve Injuries.
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ISBN: 9781535326551
ISBN-10: 1535326557
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 18th, 2016
Pages: 50
Language: English