The Pregnancy Handbook for Inexperienced Mothers (Paperback)

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Pregnancy is arguably the most multi-complex element of human developmental biology. It is the only means by which the human race can naturally secure mankind's continued survival and generational existence, for time infinite. However, from all social angles, the role of the woman and her importance to this very complex natural phenomenon of life is often overlooked by most of their spouses, even as the woman struggles to understand the pregnancy process herself. Practically, in a man's shallow mindset about procreation, we expects a pregnant mother to know every single bits and pieces about her pregnancy without ever considering that she is going through a learning process; - sometimes over and over, as each pregnancy would present a different challenge. And since it is expected that a pregnant mother should somehow know it all, the author of this book has spent over two years of consultation with some of the most leading medical institutions, pregnancy counselors, and medical doctors in his bid to put together a compact handbook that would answer the more obvious questions that matters most to a woman during her pregnancy. This book avoids all of the medical jargons and deal with the issues of pregnancy from a lay man's point of view, since it is catered for primarily first time mothers requiring some maternity self-guidance. As such, the author expects that this book would be of material benefit to every would-be-mother that reads it, and that it would help thousands of mothers-to-be worldwide to have a better pregnancy experience.
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ISBN: 9781494724115
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Publication Date: December 17th, 2013
Pages: 126
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