A Leap to an Ecological Economy (Paperback)

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Is the present economy working for you and those around you? Is your government in debt? In your country, is there a real drive to deal with climate change? Are you aware of the great urgency of doing this? Are you aware that many economists consider that one cannot address climate change and other urgent problems within the economic system we now have?

If it seems to you that the world has come to an impasse, there's a solution in the form of a new kind of economic thinking, with many practical changes to match. It's called an ecological economy (EE). It calls us to put the health of all life on this planet as the central issue. The EE will focus on resources rather than only money. Money will no longer rule us; rather it will help us do what needs doing. And we'll measure capital in natural units, not money. There'll be employment for those who want it; and the extra jobs will be found in projects that will be directed at the health of the ecosphere; and that includes your health. The fields and forests that have been denuded of nutrients will, over time, be restored; carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels will be eliminated. The costs of such projects will be assessed in terms of resource requirements and the needed human effort, with money as the servant, not the boss. The nations will learn to cooperate better--it will be in all of their interests. The world's burgeoning population will halt its expansion, just in time to give wild life the breathing space it needs.

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ISBN: 9781480851719
ISBN-10: 148085171X
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Publication Date: December 4th, 2017
Pages: 146
Language: English