Fashion Photography: Meaning and Affect in Images of the Body (Hardcover)

Fashion Photography: Meaning and Affect in Images of the Body Cover Image


Fashion Photography shows how the meaning of fashion images can depend upon how we feel about them. Feelings, of course, are difficult to analyse or decode - yet fashion photography trades on intangibles like mood, atmosphere and attitude, and qualities such as colour, touch, and bodily empathy. Such 'affective' attributes, which lie at the heart of all fashion photographs, are often resistant to interpretation.

Whilst acknowledging the legitimacy of existing critiques, this volume extends and develops them by examining a different set of analytical models. Drawing on the latest research in fields including psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuroaesthetics and cultural studies, Fashion Photography broadens the critical analysis of fashion photography by examining the affective and embodied dimensions of fashion imagery including emotional responses, sensory crossover, and the biological registers of image perception.

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ISBN: 9781472575791
ISBN-10: 1472575792
Publisher: Bloomsbury Visual Arts
Publication Date: September 6th, 2018
Pages: 208
Language: English