Did You Know? Earth: Amazing Answers to more than 200 Awesome Questions (Hardcover)

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This Earth encyclopedia probes 4.5 billion years’ worth of questions about our planet to open your child’s eyes to the world around them.

This book is made for those 7-10-year-olds interested in learning fantastic facts about Earth. Follow along with the easy-to-read question and answer format that covers a wide range of subjects, helping kids to learn new information as they turn each page.

There is so much to learn, and this collection will get you on your way. Full of fun facts for kids and colorful illustrations. The kids learning book is filled with age-appropriate knowledge on a wide range of topics ranging from the formation of the Earth, to what’s living at the bottom of the ocean.

Let your child learn the answers to all the burning questions that they often think about relating to our planet in a fun question and answer format. Your child will broaden their knowledge and enjoy learning about things such as, "Can you freeze in a desert?", "How do living things become fossils?" and "What is a biome?"

Fantastic Facts For Curious Minds!

Did You Know? Earth answers all the amazing questions children have about the planet they live on. This colorful and exciting book is full of awesome pictures and fascinating facts about our incredible planet.  

This educational book about our Earth explains interesting facts about volcanoes, earthquakes, oceans, space, and so much more! Get your children learning about a variety of subjects with our Earth book. Packed with lots of fantastic facts for curious minds, helping your child to learn all sorts of new information.

This educational book takes you on a journey through:
- Living on Earth
- Our Planet
- Blue Planet
- The Earth’s Surface
- Up in the Air

Did You Know? Earth: Amazing Answers to More Than 200 Awesome Questions is part of the educational series Did You Know? Encyclopedias. Complete the collection and learn more about the world around you and the questions you ask, science, and space.

About the Author

Dr. Devin Dennie is writer, producer, and host of the show Geology Kitchen. He received his PhD from the University of Oklahoma in Geology & Geophysics. Dr. Dennie has worked on a large variety of educational television, video, and documentary projects, including Oklahoma Rocks! (2008), RockHounds: The Movie (2005), and North Texas Explorer: Hollywood Comes to Texas (2008).
Product Details
ISBN: 9781465479112
ISBN-10: 1465479112
Publisher: DK Children
Publication Date: April 9th, 2019
Pages: 144
Language: English
Series: Did You Know?