Essential Fish Habitat Mapping in the Mediterranean (Developments in Hydrobiology #203) (Hardcover)

Essential Fish Habitat Mapping in the Mediterranean (Developments in Hydrobiology #203) Cover Image
By Vasilis D. Valavanis (Editor)
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Proper designation of Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) is a highly important spatial measure in any management of fishery resources. EFH is defined as those waters and substrates necessary to fish for spawning, breeding, feeding, or growth to maturity, a definition that includes the physical, chemical and biological properties of marine areas and the associated sediment and biological assemblages that sustain fish populations throughout their full life cycle.

This book presents latest advances in EFH mapping and modelling and introduces the environmental approach to EFH identification through the combined use of latest technologies and advanced techniques, such as Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Statistics.

The contents of this book include overviews and comparisons of different approaches on species habitat modelling, methods to identify teleconnection patterns between large-scale meteo-oceanic phenomena and local environmental variation, and EFH maps for cephalopod, shrimp, hake, anchovy, sardine, and swordfish resources in the Mediterranean. The aims of this book are to provide accumulated knowledge on marine species essential habitat mapping and to be a source for further developments in the important topic of marine resource management.

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ISBN: 9781402091407
ISBN-10: 1402091400
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: September 11th, 2008
Pages: 300
Language: English
Series: Developments in Hydrobiology