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This book covers four major topics of integrated photonics: 1) fundamental principles of electromagnetic theory; 2) waveguides; 3) simulation of waveguide modes, and 4) photonic structures. The first part of the text explores the basis for optical propagation and establishes the use of the MKS system, discussing the wave equation and the properties of materials such as attenuation and dispersion. The next section explores the operation of optical waveguides. We start with planar slab waveguides, then systematically advance to more complicated structures, such as graded index waveguides, circular waveguides, and rectangular waveguides. The details of coupling light between and within waveguide modes is clearly described, and applied to the examination of photonic bandgap crystals and optical devices such as arrayed waveguides. The final section of the text discusses optoelectronic devices such as modulators and switches. These topics are very active areas of research today, and are likely to increase in significance as they mature.
From the beginning Integrated Photonics introduces numerical techniques for studying non-analytic structures. Most chapters have numerical problems designed for solution using a computational program such as Matlab or Mathematica. An entire chapter is devoted to one of the numeric simulation techniques being used in optoelectronic design (the Beam Propagation Method), and provides opportunity for students to explore some novel optical structures without too much effort. Small pieces of code are supplied where appropriate to get the reader started on the numeric work.
Integrated Photonics is designed for the senior/first year graduate student, and requires a basic familiarity with electromagnetic waves, and the ability to solve differential equations with boundary conditions.
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ISBN: 9781402076350
ISBN-10: 1402076355
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: November 30th, 2003
Pages: 376
Language: English