Mangroves and Halophytes: Restoration and Utilisation (Tasks for Vegetation Science #43) (Hardcover)

Mangroves and Halophytes: Restoration and Utilisation (Tasks for Vegetation Science #43) Cover Image
By Helmut Lieth (Editor), Maxímo García Sucre (Editor), Brigitte Herzog (Editor)
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Focusing on Venezuela and Mexico, this edited volume from the International Society of Halophyte Utilisation (ISHU) explores the environmental issues facing South and Central America's coastal ecosystems, and discusses the uses of mangrove species and other halophytes in addressing issues of both coastal pollution and upland soil salinisation.

The book draws on expertise from Europe and South America to present a series of case studies that detail Venezuela's saline ecosystems and examine the economic potential of mangrove restoration and halophyte production. It includes cutting-edge research into the establishment of new mangrove stands which could serve as prototypes for the sustainable use of halophytes, including Chenopodium quinoa and Tamarix aphylla. Moreover, the detailed examples from Venezuela and other Caribbean countries provide useful models for comparison with halophyte utilisation in other parts of the world - especially the Mediterranean region, where much of the earlier research of the ISHU had been conducted.

Including insights from 50 years of research on the Venezuelan coastline this unique book provides a useful reference for researchers working on saline ecosystems and economically useful halophytes around the world.

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ISBN: 9781402067198
ISBN-10: 1402067194
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: February 7th, 2008
Pages: 160
Language: English
Series: Tasks for Vegetation Science