Bloke's Guide to Pregnancy (Paperback)

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Based on more than 100 interviews with blokes who lived to tell the tale--some who even admitted to enjoying the experience--this book has real-life stories as well as tons of advice that isn't remotely boring (honestly). Now you'll be able to tell your trimesters from your triple blood tests, as well as getting answers on the following topics:
- Money--Do I really have to spend my entire lager allowance on that hand-held breast pump?
- Sex--Will it harm the unborn baby? (Or am I just being arrogant?)
- Breasts--Will they stay that size forever?
- Hospital Parking Spaces--Am I going to have to fork out 50 every time she thinks she's going into labour?
... and a whole lot more besides...this is a book you'll want to share with all the blokes in your life

Product Details
ISBN: 9781401903367
ISBN-10: 1401903363
Publisher: Hay House
Publication Date: March 1st, 2005
Pages: 266
Language: English