Introduction to Loose Watercolor (Paperback)

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Colours are known to add special and pleasant views and sensations wherever they attend. Their combinations and mingling can reflect a lot to the sight and soul. Colours are an indispensable way of illustrating art; if you look in two identical portraits, one of which was drawn solely by pencils or charcoal, whereas if the second included colours, you would definitely react differently to each one even if both manifest a beautiful work and beautiful views. You would in most cases react more passionately towards the colourful portrait, especially if it happened to include natural landscapes, or a very good-looking person. Have you ever, nevertheless, thought of going beyond observing portraits and admiring artworks with your eyes? Have you not considered getting more involved into it even with very few and basic talents? In case you have already questioned yourself and answered affirmatively, have you fallen in the dilemma of finding some convenient learning tips to pursue as you were unable to figure out how to start and what to start with? This small guide has been established for the purpose of illuminating your first steps in the field of loose watercolour painting, and we are hopeful that these introductory steps can take you further towards advancing in this field of art. In this guide, you are to find the very basics of loose watercolour painting, as well as a number of examples and illustrations which you can learn, apply, and afterwards get inspiration from to create your own artwork.
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ISBN: 9781388194093
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Publication Date: October 16th, 2018
Pages: 70
Language: English