Computer-Generated Phase-Only Holograms for 3D Displays (Hardcover)

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'Phase-only Fresnel holograms, ' which can be displayed on a single SLM without the need for lenses or complicated optical accessories, substantially simplifies 3-D holographic display systems. Exploring essential concepts, theories, and formulations of these phase-only Fresnel holograms, this book provides comprehensive coverage of modern methods for generating such holograms, which pave the way for commercial products such as compact holographic projectors, heads-up displays, and data security enhancement. Relevant MATLAB codes are provided for readers to implement and evaluate the theories and formulations of different methods, and can be used as a quick start framework for further research and development. This is a crucial and up-to-date treatment of phase-only Fresnel holograms for students and researchers in electrical and electronic engineering, computer science/engineering, applied physics, information technology, and multimedia technology, as well as engineers and scientists in industry developing new products on 3-D displays and holographic projection.
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ISBN: 9781108427333
ISBN-10: 1108427332
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: January 21st, 2021
Pages: 265
Language: English