I Ain't Done Living Yet (Hardcover)

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On March 18, 2020, I was admitted to the hospital after experiencing symptoms, and ultimately testing positive for, the coronavirus (COVID-19). Never could I have imagined that I would experience so many life-threatening battles and still be alive today to tell this story. Fifteen days under sedation (on a ventilator), two dialysis sessions, two blood transfusions, internal bleeding, blood clots in my left leg and my right hand, a battle with pneumonia, a stroke and the tips of two right fingers amputated...yet here I am, alive and kicking, telling my COVID-19 story.

I Ain't Done Living Yet is my story of survival. It is my story of how - during my battle with the coronavirus - God was with me as I went to hell and back and survived.

There is no question that my faith, as well as that of my close friends and family members, was tested during this difficult, uncertain time, as it had been at other times throughout my life. But as always, God had a purpose for me; He put me through the various challenges of financial stress, homelessness and a seven-year struggle to (ultimately) pass the Illinois bar exam, in part, to prepare me for His purpose.

I pray that my story and my testimony, chronicling the day-to-day events of what I went through to overcome and survive COVID-19, encourages you to see that there is life after the virus, and that, as with anything, you can fall down, make a lifetime of missteps and mistakes, yet still rise again and truly thrive, better than ever.

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ISBN: 9781087937700
ISBN-10: 1087937701
Publisher: November Media Publishing
Publication Date: December 31st, 2020
Pages: 138
Language: English