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Wicked Wit is a brilliant collection of wry humorous poems, packing in luscious lines with sophisticated sensibilities as well as well-crafted bad-ass poetry. It's an anthology that's at home with "Erotic Tales from the MLA Handbook," and "Not Saying the F-Word," as well as with "Shopping with Descartes" and with "On Hogarth's 'The Orgy' from 'The Rake's Progress'".

Chosen by noted poets Diannely Antigua, John Gorman and Jason Koo, you'll find poetry contributed by Pulitzer Prize nominees, by multiple Pushcart Prize winners, as well as a philosophy student's first published work. Whether you're looking for an amusing book, are a first time reader of poetry, or already have shelves full of it, this is a really good read.

Here's a sample from a longer poem by Michael Schein:

Not Saying the F-Word

You can't say the F-word at Thin Man Books,

It's a amily-riendly bookstore, illed to the brim

with delicate ears. It's like a church, consecrated

to the Word that can't be spoken. Children, exotic

bonsai, are ertilized, pruned and worshipped.

If you an't say the F-word then I'm almost

ertain you an't say the C-word either, but

you an probably say "suck" since every baby

does it and teenagers use it onstantly.

Whether you're someone who chuckles or laughs out loud, the cleverly chosen words and crafted language of Wicked Wits' poems will surprise and delight you. Enjoy.

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ISBN: 9781087922140
ISBN-10: 1087922143
Publisher: Indy Pub
Publication Date: November 16th, 2020
Pages: 84
Language: English