Mary and the Divine Sophia: The Salvation of Universal Wisdom (Paperback)

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NO DOUBT, anyone interested in Christian esotericism will have noticed that there is a widespread modern-day revival of interest in the ancient gnostic concept of "Sophia" amongst a strange diversity of groups: wiccans, neo-pagans, New Agers, neo-gnostics, Catholic mystics, Orthodox Christians, radical feminists, and anthroposophists. Adding to this ideological melange is the exotic variety of Sophia designations and conceptions: the Divine Sophia, the heavenly-sophia, the earthly-sophia, Hagia Sophia, the goddess Sophia, the Aeon Sophia, the Virgin Sophia, Sophia-Achamoth, Pistis Sophia, Isis-Sophia, Jesus Sophia, theo-sophia, philo-sophia and anthropo-sophia. Not surprisingly, then, this cacophony of Sophias is very often contradictory, confusing, distorted, invented, erroneous, and (sadly) rarely enlightening. It is not difficult to detect that "esoteric entrepreneurs" have seized this current "thirst for Sophia" to offer up a potpourri of books, courses, conferences, workshops, lessons, websites, video clips, internet articles - even worship services - to inundate, titillate and financially captivate any novice Sophia seeker. So, what is a sincere Christian esotericist to make of this fervent Sophia phenomenon: "Is it a positive and healthy spiritual development, or is it a regressive and outmoded religious diversion?" This particular discourse - "Mary and the Divine Sophia" - delves deeply and genuinely into this important question in order to establish spiritual fact from unspiritual fiction. In order to adequately answer this question, however, profound esoteric investigation into the Trinitarian nature of God, as well as the universal being of the Logos-Word, together with the fundamental underlying principles of the created cosmos will need to be detailed and discussed. Some of this previously-guarded esoteric information may be quite new and unfamiliar to many readers; but every effort has been made to present it in clear, understandable concepts. Furthermore, since the mother of Jesus is very often intimately associated or connected to historical and present-day conceptions of Sophia, a comprehensive study will also be undertaken regarding Mary and her special relationship to the Divine Sophia; relying heavily on the spiritual-scientific research of Austrian philosopher and esotericist, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Once again, a great deal of this information will be startlingly new to those unfamiliar with anthroposophy; but, as before, great care has been taken to present this possibly-unfamiliar information in a comprehensible, intellectually-accessible way. It is sincerely intended that this discourse will provide the earnest esotericist with reliable, trustworthy and objective spiritual knowledge in order to confidently know and understand the mystery-truth of the heavenly-sophia; and thereby extricate her from the distortions and falsifications of Lucifer and Ahriman.

About the Author

Having been born in 1950, Ron MacFarlane's Presbyterian family background was enormously deepened and expanded in his formative teenage years by the influx of exotic Eastern mysticism into Western society during the "Psychedelic Sixties." But it was during his twenty-first year that several profound spiritual experiences would shape his relationship with Christ-Jesus for the rest of his life. During that time, he experienced a blinding encounter with the Risen Saviour (similar to St. Paul) as well as the transcendent experience of "Christ-consciousness" on the other side of the threshold. Moreover, a supersensory calling from Christian Rosenkreutz and a later physical encounter with a mysterious emissary would eventually direct Ron's attention to Rudolf Steiner and to anthroposophy. Consequently, Ron has been a dedicated Rosicrucian student and a strong supporter of anthroposophy for over thirty-five years. This deep and abiding interest in esoteric Christianity has been harmoniously complemented since 2006 by an equally deep devotion to the Church of St. Peter. This conversion to the Catholic Faith was the result of an inner directive from Our Saviour during the previous Christmas season. Ron is happily retired from a professional career as a high school art teacher and currently lives in Mission BC, Canada, with his loving wife Anne Marie, close to their four adult daughters and three grandchildren.
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