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Log 41 observes the state of architecture today, devoting 114 pages to a special section called Working Queer, guest edited by architect Jaffer Kolb. This issue considers both history and a contemporary condition. To that end, Hans Tursack critiques shape architecture, Michael Young reads parafiction as a critical realism, Lisa Hsieh examines modernology in Japan, and Cynthia Davidson interviews Martino Stierli. In Working Queer, nineteen authors similarly juggle past and present from the homo-fascist aesthetics of the early 20th century to bathroom typologies for the future revaluating queerness for today s variegated world.

In this issue: Chris Bennett & Alissa Anderson mine the hinterland, Cynthia Davidson gets to know Martino Stierli, Lisa Hsieh conjures the ghosts of Japan-ness, Xuan Luo interprets Eisenman and Rowe, Hans Tursack shapes an architectural critique, Michael Young distinguishes fake from fiction, Ellie Abrons looks for something real, Andreas Angelidakis softens building blocks, Annie Barrett outs nonconforming forms, Aaron Betsky Skypes with Jaffer Kolb, Caitlin Blanchfield & Farzin Lotfi-Jam foreground objects, Stratton Coffman embraces the squeeze, Mustafa Faruki imagines a Celebatorium, Nicholas Gamso decodes homo-fascism, Andrew Holder chooses Mario Banana No. 1, Andrés Jaque thumbs through Grindr urbanism, Jaffer Kolb queries cultural constructions, Ang Li pursues alchemical acts, Michael Meredith produces 2,497 words on the provincial, Ivan L. Munuera dives into hedonistic pleasures, Rosalyne Shieh decides it s fine, Joel Sanders formulates a two-variable equation, and Michael Wang queers the system.
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ISBN: 9780990735298
Publisher: Anyone Corporation
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2017
Pages: 176